What To Do For Your First Appointment 

At your first appointment you will need to tell your lawyer what happened and why you were arrested. The Lawyer will likely ask you a serious of detailed questions to assess the complexity of your case. When you talk to the Lawyer you should speak openly. The Lawyer will need to know details, and sometimes personal information, in order to determine how the Law applies to your specific situation. The Lawyer will also provide you with his/her fee structure and an estimated cost of representation. You will want to find out how the law applies to your specific fact situation and the legal options available for defending the allegation(s) against you. Important

Note: Although you are entitled to a free 15-minute initial consultation, the purpose of the consultation is to help you decide if you want to hire the Lawyer. If you do, your first appointment is the beginning of your lawyer-client relationship. Additionally, please keep in mind, the consultation does not include any egal work. If you ask the Lawyer to do any legal work (even during the consultation period), there may be a charge involved.

How to Prepare For Your First Appointment 

• Collect all the documents that you have about your case.

• Prepare a detailed statement of events which includes the offence date and time and other important points you would like to bring to the Lawyer’s attention. • Make a list of questions you want to ask. See A Helpful Guide Containing Possible Questions You to Ask Your Referred Lawyer During Your Free Consultation

• Be prepared to talk about fees. The lawyer will require a retainer deposit before he or she can begin working for you right away.

What You Can Do To Help 

• Be prepared for your appointment. Ensure that you provide any documents your Lawyer requests in advance and in a timely manner.

• Make a list of any questions you may wish to ask the Lawyer at your appointment(s).

• Be punctual for your appointment. Call if you will be late or cannot make it. Understand that your Lawyer may not be able to answer your telephone call(s) or respond to your email(s) right away.

• Call your Lawyer only when it is necessary and never outside of regular business hours unless you are in police custody.

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ATTENTION: Confidential details about your case must not be sent through this website.  Use of this website does not establish a legal-representative/client relationship.  Do not include confidential details about your case by email or phone.  Use this website only for an introduction with a DefendCharges.Lawyer representative. 
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