Who can use the Impaired Driving Lawyer Referral Service?

Anyone is welcome to use our Free Lawyer Referral Service.

Is there a Cost for Using the Impaired Driving Lawyer Referral Service?

No; this is a Free Lawyer Referral Service.  You are under no obligation to use the referred lawyer. Similarly, the referred lawyer is under no obligation to accept you as a client.

How do I request a Free Criminal Lawyer Referral?

We provide both an online service and a telephone service. To make your lawyer referral request, you may start by completing the FREE Lawyer Referral Request Form.  Alternatively, you may contact our office at 1 (877) 390-0390 to start the lawyer referral process.

Can I use the Impaired Driving Lawyer Referral Service to obtain a Free Consultation for Other Criminal Offences that are not related to Impaired Driving?

Yes. You are welcome to use our Ontario Criminal Lawyer Referral Service to find a lawyer for any other criminal charge(s).  Important Note: Although our referred lawyers tend to specialize in impaired driving offences, many also possess significant experience handling other criminal matters such as thefts, assaults, domestic assaults, weapon and drug charges, among others.

What should I expect after submitting my request for a Lawyer Referral?

Your online Lawyer Referral Request will be processed immediately and a Criminal Lawyer will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with your free 15 minute initial consultation. Note: If you ask for an email and you do not receive one, please check your email account's Spam or Junk folder within 24 hours.

What will be discussed with the Impaired Driving Lawyer during my free consultation?

The consultation is meant to help you determine your legal rights and the options available to you for fighting your impaired driving charge(s) and/or other criminal charge(s).  During the consultation you should ask the referred lawyer about his/her fees and billing practices.  Do keep in mind that the cost of legal representation will depend on the complexity of your case, among other factors. Important Note: You should not expect the criminal lawyer to perform any free legal work during your free initial consultation. 

What should I do to prepare for my free consultation?

The Lawyer will need to know what offence(s) you were charged with and the events which led to your arrest. It is suggested that you prepare for your consultation by considering the following:

  • Prepare a detailed statement of events which includes the offence date and time and other important points you would like to bring to the Lawyer’s attention.
  • Although the Lawyer may not review your documents during the consultation (since that is considered legal work), you may wish to have them readily available for quick reference.  If you decide to retain the Lawyer, you will need to forward the documents to the Lawyer.
  • When you talk to the Lawyer you should speak openly. The Lawyer will need to know details, and sometimes personal information, in order to understand how the law applies to your situation.  Anything information provided to the Lawyer is confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege even if you do not retain the Lawyer. (Also under Preparing for My Free Consultation)
What to do for your first appointment?

During your free consultation, you may want to take notes about the Lawyers fees and your legal options.  The purpose of the consultation is to provide you with valuable information about how the law applies to you and your specific fact scenario, and to help you learn more about the referred Lawyer’s services.  At the conclusion of your consultation, you should know more about the legal options for defending your charge(s) and what it might cost to retain the Lawyer.  For more information see Preparing for Your Free Consultation.

What is the next step in the retainer process once I decide to retain the lawyer?

You will need to ask the Lawyer to confirm the next step in his/her retainer process.  Generally speaking, the Referred Lawyer will require the following:

  • A piece of government issued photo identification;
  • A copy of the charging document(s), if available;
  • A copy of the evidence (“disclosure”), if in your possession;
  • You will need to satisfy the lawyer’s retainer fee or negotiate a reasonable retainer deposit and suitable payment plan prior to the lawyer beginning work on your file; and/or;
  • other documents and/or materials that the lawyer may deem relevant or helpful to your defence.
How Much Will My Legal Representation Cost?

The costs of legal representation will depend on a number of factors which include but may not be limited to:

  • The number of charge(s);
  • The seriousness of the charge(s) and complexity of your case;
  • The court location;
  • The existence of a previous criminal record;
  • The Lawyers experience, among other factors.
I used the Free Lawyer Referral Service but I was not comfortable with the Lawyer that contacted me.  Can I use the service again to find another Lawyer?

Yes, you may request a referral to another Lawyer.

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